July 23, 2005

Prokofiev used data mining technology...

Recently, I read in a booklet of Prokofiev's album "Piano sonatas N 2, 3, 5 and 9" the following interesting thing about Prokofiev and data analysis:

Born and raised in Russia, Prokofiev established himself as the bad boy of music while studying at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He was arrogant, willful, often misunderstood, and disliked by almost everyone. He delighted in testing the limits of his teachers, so, when asked to compose a rondo in the style of Beethoven, he could not resist "turning in pieces with confused harmonies." His teachers, despite their irritation, recognized his talent and tolerate his boldness. His fellow students, though, didn't know what to make of him. He was younger than most of them and socially naive. Prokofiev dealt with chronic boredom by keeping track of everyone's music - theory mistakes in his "notebook of demerits." He arranged them in NINETEEN columns, showing the total number of exercises, the total number of mistakes, and the number of mistakes per exercise for each student (in the form of a decimal fraction with an accuracy of one hundredth).

One of the first applications of relational databases ;-)

Posted 20 years, 2 months ago on July 23, 2005
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