July 12, 2005

Extrasort component

ExtraSort Component for Integration Services improves on the built-in sorting routine and enables smooth scaling to large data sets. You gain the following benefits from ExtraSort:

Sort over 2 GB. Large data sets are handled successfully while the built-in sort routine isn't suited to inputs larger than RAM (see graph).

Thousands of percent faster with >2 GB data sets. 300% faster for small ones.

Memory usage throttling in ExtraSort lets it coexist with other processes while the built-in sort routine exhausts all RAM choking other apps.

New 6/19 v1.0.2 posted, it is 50% faster than previous build and tested with files up to 30 GB.

strcmp/stricmp sort orders are available in ExtraSort. The built-in sort routine for example can't fulfill PennySort benchmark requirement due to lack of stricmp sort order.

Beta evaluation is available for download

Please send feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Posted 20 years, 7 months ago on July 12, 2005
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